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Our Teaching Philosophy

What we believe in:


Investing time in learning always pays dividends.


Several short practice sessions each week are very beneficial to developing fluency and learning the melody of the French language.


Our diversified lessons appeal to various learning styles. We strive to share our love of learning and to foster children's creativity and curiosity.

Our Subjects

Subjects we teach in French

Our Services

Free services offered to your family

Language Lessons

Unique French lessons created by licensed teachers based on the Ontarian curriculum

Free Lesson Plans

Our lessons include free lesson plans in PDF format for both parents and teachers. We make direct reference to curriculum connections and provide engaging 5-part lessons.

Inclusive and Diversified Learning

Original and engaging lessons tailored to a variety of learning needs.

Tips for Parents

Practical advice and tips for parents to enhance your child’s learning experience.

Our French Lessons

Free French lessons specially tailored to your child's proficiency level

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